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10 Types of T-Shirts Every Man Should Own

10 Types of T-Shirts Every Man Should Own

Are you heading for a wedding? Or, planning to go to a poolside party? There are so many different occasions when you want to look cool, comfortable, and of course, stylish.

Every man needs to have a good selection of t-shirts added to his wardrobe. There are different types of tees out there. And, it’s not possible to include every piece in your wardrobe. So, the best thing is to always stick to the classic. These are the tried-and-tested staples that never go out of style. This will help you to build your own capsule t-shirt collection for every occasion.

We decided to take you on a tour of 10 types of t-shirts that a man must have to help you out. Let’s take a look.

1. The basic plain white t-shirt

A plain white t-shirt is one of the simplest t-shirt styles available today. Even with the most basic look, it’s popular among men of all age groups. Men and women also favor this tee in their wardrobe—the crew neckline of the tshirt suits almost every man.

Why it’s called the basic t-shirt? It’s because it has no design but a simple look that renders a classic look when paired up with jeans. It suits from dad bods to athletic bodybuilders. Also, there are no hard and fast rules to follow when styling a basic plain white tshirt.

2. Polo T-Shirt

A polo t-shirt is yet another staple that a man needs to add to his wardrobe. What makes polo a popular t-shirt is its collar, which renders a semi-formal look. They typically come with two or three buttons beneath the collar.

When it comes to colors, you have many options. From navy blue to grey, white, black, you can pick any color you like. A logo drawn a side on the polo t-shirts looks very nice. As far as style is concerned, you are given plain, embroidered, or graphic polo t-shirt choices.

3. V-Neck T-Shirt

V-neck t-shirts are quite popular. Their V-shaped neckline adds oomph around your neck area. Also, the V-neck t-shirt goes well under a blazer or underneath a shirt when you opt for layering. Buttoned up half-way or unbuttoned, in both cases, the V-neck tee looks great with layering style.

The best thing is that you can pull off a completely stylish look for formal to casual events with just a little experiment.

4. Funny T-Shirt

Funny tshirts, you may ask. Well, these are the t-shirts with funny graphics, illustrations, or quotes. If you want to break the monotony in fashion, make your t-shirt the canvas for your expressions. If you wish to take a funny dig at political unrest or let people know that you’re funny, just add some funny tshirts to your wardrobe.

Wear them with your favorite denim, chinos, or even shorts to make an uber-cool style statement.

5. The Iconic I love NYC T-Shirt

The iconic NYC t-shirts are one of the most-loved t-shirts. Although they were created to promote tourism, they became a fashion staple for all. The popular design of “I ♥ NY,” created by Milton Glaser, is still in use. If you want to be a part of the uber-cool trend, make some space for this particular tee.

6. Henley T-Shirt

Do you want to chill out in your room all day long? Or planning a road trip with buddies? A Henley t shirt is the ultimate answer for all your dressing needs!

This t-shirt is a perfect choice for pre-winter days. You can club it with joggers, jeans, or even shorts to look super cool and comfy.

For extra warmth, wear your Henley t-shirt under a jacket or sweatshirt.

7. Raglan Sleeve T-Shirt

Ragan sleeve tees are the ones that do not have shoulder seams. These t-shirts are great for casual dressing. This tee is characterized by having half or full sleeves extending to the collar and neckline. The most sought-after feature is that the sleeves of this t-shirt are in a different color than the t-shirt.

You can wear it with your favorite jeans, chinos, or even shorts for a stylish makeover.

8. Turtle Neck T-Shirt

Unlike other t-shirts, turtle neck tees have long necklines. Men with all physical builds look great in a turtle neck tee when dressed wisely. A turtle neck t-shirt is ideal to be worn on days when there is a nip in the weather. You can team it with a cardigan for a dramatic effect.

Wear a turtle neck skiing tshirt with pieces of denim, joggers, or chinos to look dapper.

9. Ringer Tshirt

A ringer t-shirt usually comes with constricting band on the sleeve hems and the neckline. The look is simple, but the bands give them a distinction. When you want to go out for a sporty event or want to chill on your patio, this t-shirt renders you great comfort.

It goes well with shorts, denims, joggers, and chinos.

10. Full Sleeve T-Shirt

A full-sleeve t-shirt is a wardrobe staple. You can wear it on any given day for ultimate comfort. Pair it up with jeans or shorts, and you’ll be ready to go anywhere!

As far as color is concerned, you get multiple choices.


These are the shirts we have got for your wardrobe. And we hope that you’ll add these to your wardrobe.

Let us know if you like any other t-shirt in the comment section below. Always visit sites like PrintShop by Designhill to choose the t-shirts of your choice.

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