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Does Covid-19 Indicate An End Of This Civilization?

Does Covid-19 Indicate An End Of This Civilization

This Corona virus pandemic seems to be like that it will end the Civilization.

The world will be never going to be the same again it has been somewhere statement comes from Paris. The global economy is facing a lot of trouble and it seems like that things will not become the same as they were earlier.

For many it has shown that the civilization is not able to survive in it at all. The crisis is causing a lot and it can be considered as collapsology, which actually meant that possible collapse of our societies can be gained to the ground.

Not only the problems all around is happening are inappropriate but the climate change is also pushing the Civilization towards unsustainability and it is making things worse in economic and social model as well.

There are so many things which let people to feel like those things are not as they want to be. Everywhere things are going on in a manner which no one has imagined and people are looking forward to some changes as well. Weeks have been passed but no such positive report has been notice period considering to the same case.

Does Covid-19 Indicate An End Of This Civilization

Does Covid-19 Indicate An End Of This Civilization

So many people are considering it to be the end of Civilization and also they are saying that it must and as soon as possible. Also people are considering it to be a sign from God where he is letting people to understand that it’s a time for them to change and make things possible for everyone all around. Everyone is available with a different opinion and they are looking forward for something which will let them to feel relieved as soon as possible from this pandemic.

Everyone is looking forward for a miracle and to have some good news all around. If you are among those who have any query do let us know about the same as well. We will help you to get the answer as well.

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