Important Tips To Crack AZ 204 Exam

Important Tips To Crack AZ 204 Exam

Enterprise is moving towards cloud computing in an attempt to access more advanced and seamless technology and services. Microsoft Azure Solutions is one of the popular cloud services that companies have adopted. And the demand for skilful Azure developers has been increasing significantly.

There are multiple levels of Azure certifications, and AZ 204 is among them. But it is not an easy certification to avail. And you have to go through the AZ-204 exam to acquire this certification. In this blog post, we are exploring information that will help you crack this tough examination.

The AZ-204 Examination

AZ 204 exam measure a candidate’s ability to achieve the below technical tasks, including:

  • Developing Azure compute solutions
  • Integrate Azure cloud security
  • Develop Azure storage
  • Monitor and troubleshoot
  • Provide ways to optimize existing Azure solutions
  • Connect Azure services and third-party services

What Are The Prerequisites For The AZ-204 Exam?

You need to fulfil certain requirements before you can enrol in any exam for Azure certifications. Following are the eligibility criteria for this examination:

The candidate should have two years of development experience in cloud solutions. And working experience on the Azure cloud platform. The candidate should also possess programming expertise in a language supported by Azure.

Check The Microsoft Documentation

You should focus your preparation on the Microsoft documentation. Accessing whitepapers and journals will help in gaining useful insights into the practical application of the core technologies. The documentation can also help you to become familiar with performance-based questions and their format. It will give you a strong start to your preparation for the AZ-204 exam.

Taking The Right Microsoft Azure Certification Course

Enrolling in the right Microsoft certification courses allow you to garner the right knowledge and skill to pass the examination. The courses will provide you with apt resources to upskill the knowledge. Subsequently, it will allow you to make your basics strong; and you gain a level of confidence. If you choose Microsoft online courses, you can benefit from self-paced learning. Online courses allow you to explore the topic more comprehensively and learn at your own pace.

Additionally, you will also access instruction-based training that includes hands-on labs, videos, and preparation for the certification. You can choose the course based on the level of knowledge you already possess in terms of Microsoft Azure.

Check Out Microsoft Learning Platform

The right learning resource is important for the preparation of Azure-204.  Candidates can access Microsoft certification training for free through the Microsoft Learning Platform. It extends training for the below-mentioned aspects that are also needed in the AZ-204 exam:

  • Development of a serverless application
  • Collaborating with relational data in Azure
  • Connection of services
  • Deployment of websites using Azure virtual machine
  • Storing data in Azure
  • Deployment of websites to Azure via Azure App Service
  • Extracting knowledge and insights from the data through Azure Databricks
  • Security of cloud data

Constant Practice

Once you have completed your  Microsoft certifications training, you must take enough time to practice. Regularly practising will help you recognize your strengths and weaknesses. You can access a lot of AZ-204 sample questions and practice tests. These will help you better understand the format of the exam and direct your preparation accordingly.

Additionally,  taking mock tests through sample paper will also help you in improving the speed.  When you figure out the areas where you are underperforming early on, you will have enough time to work upon them and get better.

Participation In Community Discussion

There is a massive online community, which includes people who are aspiring to become Microsoft Azure Cloud developers. And being a part of this community can help you in expanding your knowledge. The community can support aspirants in multiple ways through shared knowledge.

For instance, you may be able to find a study partner who is also preparing for the exam. Both of you can share resources, knowledge and skills and better prepare for the exam. Moreover, discussion in these community groups can be a great stress-buster for candidates.

Being a Microsoft certified professional significantly increase your employment potential. But before you can access Microsoft certification, you must go through certain exams. AZ-204 is among the prominent exams from Microsoft. Implementing the right learning approach can help you successfully complete your Microsoft online courses and get the desired certification.


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