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The top 10 Emotions in COVID-19 everyone is going through

Every outbreak come up with different feeling. The same is the scenario going on because of the Corona virus outbreak. If you are among those who are going through some emotional trauma or some emotions then you are not alone. Everyone of us is facing the same issue. If you have no idea about the same then there will be going to mention about 10 basic emotions which everyone is having these days.

These are:-

  1. At the very first everyone is having a fear and anxiety. The reason behind the same is if people are having some flu or they are facing anything like which contributes to coronavirus seems to having ruminating thoughts on seating to it.
  2. At times people used to feel number as well. This is kind of a free state where you are not able to feel anything. It seems like that things are not going as you have planned and you are not even feeling a single thing.
  3. Sadness is also a factor. Now everyone is aware that because of lockdown you cannot step outside of things are not going as you want. This is contributing to sadness and grief and also for all those who have nothing available to eat are facing this issue a lot.
  4. Anger is come along with coronavirus outbreak. When you are stuck at something for a longer duration it only let you feel frustrated and then it leads to anger.
  5. Depression is also becoming a part of coronavirus outbreak. Sometimes you feel like that things are not going as you have planned or you are getting stuck on to something which is not meant for you this only leads to depression only.
  6. Whenever a person knows about the news that people are recovering from it they use to get calm for a while. But after sometime they start to feel the same way. But this is not the case with you only.
  7. Denial also comes up with coronavirus. Usually people are maintaining social distancing and it also let them to deny over the things which are a must to do
  8. Exhaustion also comes along with that. You just feel down every time and you have nothing to do you use to get engaged in activities which not meant for you also let you feel exhausted for no reason.
  9. Shame seems to be no link with coronavirus outbreak but if you are dealing with some things which are not meant for you and you are doing them forcefully then there might be chances you have face the same issue.
  10. Just understand about gratitude as well. Everywhere whenever you are stepping outside in sunshine you feel like this is the best feeling ever. Therefore you need to be blessed for the same available with you.

These are the basic emotions everyone is facing these days. If you are among those who are going to the same then also do let us know in the comment section below we will try to get back to you with answer for it.

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