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TOM FORD’S Discloses Ways To Market Amid The Pandemic

TOM FORD’S Discloses Ways To Market Amid The Pandemic

This coronavirus pandemic have disturbed everyone. Everyone is looking forward for the measures which we can adapt so that they can cope up with the ongoing situation. And in the same Tom Ford presented a guide where he has mentioned that how to market during a pandemic.

It is as follows:-

  • At the very first we have mentioned about the do’s and don’ts of marketing today. It is a must for companies to communicate directly with the customers so that they can understand about their needs and also try to fulfill them as per their requirement. If they are not communicating with them then it will become difficult for them to understand about the requirement of a customer and also it will not let others to fulfill their requirement.
  • He also mentioned that all the luxury retailers must cut of some prices on the products available. Yes you read it right. It is a must these days because not everyone is having sufficient budget available to purchase the entire luxurious product. There might be chances that the product which are available at this luxurious stores are must for a person to adapt. Therefore for the same as well it is necessary there must be some reduction in the prices.
TOM FORD’S Discloses Ways To Market Amid The Pandemic

TOM FORD’S Discloses Ways To Market Amid The Pandemic

  • It is also a master to get concerned about the safety of workers available. Now companies are also getting concerned about it and they are also providing their workers with all the safety measures. They are not only providing those clothing things but also providing them sanitizers and other things that will help them to make things neat and clean for them.
  • Also there was a 1 million dollar fund was launched by Elton John for all those who are fighting with Corona virus. Therefore it is a must to use it at a right place.

Do let us know in the comment section below how you have felt about it and what is your point of view consider into the same.

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