Walmart Brings In New Single-File Policy!

Walmart Brings In New Single-File Policy!

It has been seen that everyone is taking major steps to keep things alright everywhere. The same has been shown when Columbia Walmart Shoppers arrived to the store. On Thursday it has been seen that a line of shopping card has been available at the Columbia Walmart store and also they are positioned in a manner that only at a time single person is entering the store and a single person is coming out of the store. This is one of the latest efforts which have been put by Walmart. The reason behind the same is because they want to keep people maintain social distancing and they also don’t want that anyone can get in touch with other person so that they can face any issue .

Also they have settled of the hand sanitizer stations at the entrance which will help people to clean their hands and to make things appropriate from them.

Walmart Brings In New Single-File Policy!

Walmart Brings In New Single-File Policy!

Some of the policies have been enacted by the Walmart stores where they have limited the amount of Shoppers that can enter the store at a time. Also they have made the timings from 7 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. and also give the employees enough time to reach talk cells as well. They are not creating anything in hurry. Also they have maintained the surroundings so neat and cleanly that not even a single thing can contribute to the virus at all.

It has also been said that not only the Associates but the customers are also feeling comfortable by the efforts put by them and people are also respecting their efforts. Everyone at the store is wearing gloves and mask so that they cannot get in touch with any kind of virus. There are so many recommendations given by centers for Disease Control considering to social distancing and the same has been followed by Walmart appropriately.

It has also been seen that people are focusing on the things very appropriately and they are making stability with the people available at the store. This is all needed by everyone in this hard time.

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